• Photographer: Harry Hazari

    Masjid Putra, Putrajaya Malaysia
  • Photographer: Wisnu Murdiono

    Wisnu Murdiono
  • Photographer:   Abdulrahman AL-Dukhaini

  • Muslim Woman Praying, Malaysia. Photographer: http://www.yuliang11.com

    Muslim Woman Praying, Malaysia
  • Coexistence - Two major religions co-exist freely on the land of Lebanon since XIII century. Photographer: Dmitro Zagrebelniy

    Church and Mosque

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Ramadan ‘App Service’ for Diabetics; Increasing Awareness in Kuwait During the Fast Diet

In this day and age there truly is an app for everything. You'd be hard pressed to find any event or organization that doesn’t have an app to support their endeavors. Of course many of these apps have been created with a straight forward and poignant goal in mind which brings us to the Ramadan "app service". This Ramadan app service serves the crucial purpose of helping people that suffer from diabetes keep it under control during their fasting … [Read More...]

Todays Healthy, Fasting Muslims Fasting and Cholesterol

Today’s Healthy, Fasting Muslims Fasting and Cholesterol

Throughout the Holy Month of Ramadan, fasting is obligatory for Muslim adults. Individuals who are not familiar with the Islamic beliefs more often than not feel their religious views are extreme and the same often applies to the practice of fasting which many feel can do more harm than good. The truth is, if followed correctly, fasting comes with a variety of health benefits which includes lowering cholesterol, a major health concern in the … [Read More...]


An American Ramadan, Circa 1955

Does the first experience of Ramadan begin the same for everyone? It all depends on the time and where this all takes place. Consider the time to be during the year 1955 or early 1956, and the place was Oakland when I experienced my first month of fasting. I don’t remember for sure just what time of year it was since time has elapsed. The ordinary calendars said nothing about when Ramadan should begin. There was very little printed … [Read More...]


Ramadan Information: Dietary Don’ts For Fasting Muslims

At the start of Ramadan, believers abstain from sustenance from dusk until dawn to heighten their spiritual and physical awareness. As the fast is broken in the evening, it's about having a healthy relationship with, and savoring, the food you take part in and giving thanks to God. What the Ramadan fast isn't is a reason to over eat which can be both physically and emotionally draining. During Ramadan, many individuals have a tendency to … [Read More...]