• Photographer: Harry Hazari

    Masjid Putra, Putrajaya Malaysia
  • Photographer: Wisnu Murdiono

    Wisnu Murdiono
  • Photographer:   Abdulrahman AL-Dukhaini

  • Muslim Woman Praying, Malaysia. Photographer: http://www.yuliang11.com

    Muslim Woman Praying, Malaysia
  • Coexistence - Two major religions co-exist freely on the land of Lebanon since XIII century. Photographer: Dmitro Zagrebelniy

    Church and Mosque

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Christian Fasting for Change: Protesting Solitary Confinement

The gathering of diverse religious organizations, political groups and passionate non-denominational individuals that came together June 18th and 19th, 2012 in protest of solitary confinement is just the kind of community involvement that the American Ramadan website and its powerful Muslim documentary is all about. Tens of thousands of Americans of all faiths came together to fast in protest of this unjust practice in their hopes to bring it to … [Read More...]

Todays Healthy, Fasting Muslims Fasting and Cholesterol

Today’s Healthy, Fasting Muslims Fasting and Cholesterol

Throughout the Holy Month of Ramadan, fasting is obligatory for Muslim adults. Individuals who are not familiar with the Islamic beliefs more often than not feel their religious views are extreme and the same often applies to the practice of fasting which many feel can do more harm than good. The truth is, if followed correctly, fasting comes with a variety of health benefits which includes lowering cholesterol, a major health concern in the … [Read More...]


Fasting Ramadan: “Muslim Athletes” Devotion and Observance at the Olympics

Themed “Inspire a Generation,” the 2012 Olympics in London this summer will be giving the world the opportunity to understand the power of devotion as Muslim Athletes compete while observing Ramadan through fasting and prayer. This year, along with the blazing fame of the Olympics, Muslim athletes from all over the world will be playing the field, delivery peak physical performances, showing superb sportsmanship and at the same time, … [Read More...]


Faiths of the World: America’s Fastest Growing Religion

America is a place of diversity, at least that's what they say. There are many unique cultures living in the states and each of them has their own special traditions and values, their ethnicity, their favorite foods and attire, and their religions. Doesn't it sound wonderful to live in a tolerant society, a colorful melting pot of individuals, all living together in harmony? Well, it would be wonderful if it was true but it's not, even if the … [Read More...]